• When deciding on the best kind of website for your company a number of factors must be considered, including goals, audience, functionality, size and appearance .

  • The webiste design must provide a platform that is flexible enough to accommodate future changes, especially when it contains an e-commerce element.

  • Wordpress, Joomla may be functional platforms for a CMS (Content Management System), but do not allow for easy customization and could lead to substantial extra cost.

  • If you need to revise, expand or otherwise enhance your site, it is often easier and more cost effective, in the long term, to create a platform using php, asp.net, java etc. which is very flexible and has no limitations.

  • So when making that all important initial decision about budget, remember that using an 'off the shelf' platform like Wordpress might not necessarily be the best option.

  • If your website becomes popular and you need greater functionality, you may have to resort to rebuilding your website from 'scratch.

  • If you spend a little more money in the beginning you can ensure you get a great looking website, on a great platform and not only will it transport your website to the world but it will be made to last and withstand future modification at very little extra cost!

  • eCommIT lives and breathes the development life cycle of technology solutions, which is why we are able to provide excellent cost effective solutions.