• All your data in one place, ready to access whenever you want!

    Effective information management is key to business efficiency and is important in determining how well a business is able to operate.

  • Often different departments store and manage data across Word, Excel or even manual files.

  • eCommIT designs and develops database systems that store information centrally.

  • Good data management software makes accessing information quick and easy through the use of web-based interface.

  • Using a browser-based application (Web App) it will be possible for you to read, write and access information centrally, anytime, anywhere, instead of via individual PCs .

  • Maximum Security

    It goes without saying that all information is stored, backed up and protected using high end forms of security and can be accessed in its entirety, or, only in part, by authorised personnel alone.

  • Monitoring the business

    Presenting data so as to make it useful for decision-making processes is another important function of database use.

  • Reports presenting a vast range of information can be produced quickly and easily, as can graphic interfaces.

  • The system's own performance can be monitored too via a series of alerts and notifications.