• We take care of all aspects, from installation to testing and maintenance, working alongside you to create and implement the best solutions for your business.

  • Typically the process undergoes several phases:

  • Engagement

    Before proceeding with any project, we will draw up an outline of your requirements and discuss how we can best work together. The pricing model is also established.

  • Systems Analysis and Requirements Gathering

    Before any development work begins, our systems analysts work closely with you to clearly define the required outcomes and timings, ensuring our team fully understands your business needs and expectations.

  • Design

    In systems design, the design functions and operations are described in detail. Proposals may include screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams and other documentation. The output of this stage will describe the new system as a collection of modules or subsystems.

  • After a series of meetings and/or workshops, the design stage commences. This is based on all the information gathered when identifying and agreeing requirements and one or more design elements will be produced. These will show system features in detail, and include functional hierarchy diagrams/ screen layout diagrams/ tables of business rules/ business process diagrams /pseudo-code, and a complete entity-relationship diagram with a full data dictionary. Thus, our skilled developers and engineers will be able to develop and deliver the system with minimal additional design input.

  • Development

    Once system design documents have been formalized, the coding work begins. This is the main focus for the developer and the longest phase of the software development life cycle.

  • Testing

    The new code is tested against the requirements to ensure maximum functionality and efficiency. Tests include: unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing.

  • Deployment

    Once the test phase of each project has been completed, full training is provided for the client. Of course, we are always on hand for ongoing technical support or further developments.